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Mr Viquar Khan has pooled in his administrative skills and his defense background to successfully create an entity which has provided efficient and top notch integrated security solutions to all its customers.

His leadership ability and innovative sense of direction, has been able to put Defence Security Services on the country's map as one of the leading private security providers. He has braved many challenges or difficulties that may have come his way to make Defence Security Services such a respectable name in the Private Security Industry today.

He insists that this company is more like a family, where the need of every personnel, junior or senior is well taken care of through various welfare measures.

He always puts the needs of his clients before anything else. He always says that a company needs to "STOP SELLING WHAT YOU HAVE, START SELLING WHAT CLIENTS NEED".

Thanks & Regards

Mr Viquar Khan
Chairman & Managing Director

Office Address

F - 201 Paliwal Parisar, Bhopal Plaza Complex, Bhopal Talkies, Bhopal - 462001
Phone: 0755 - 4225649
FAX: 0755 - 4225649
Mobile: 09827069026

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